BDD 2007 – Intel Mass Storage Drivers (iastor)

Everytime Intel releases a new mass storage chipset I receive the same call/email from from most of my customers and it goes something like this: “Hi Ben, I have just got a new machine and I can’t deploy an image to it, do you know what is going on?” The problem they are having is that their Windows…


BDD 2007 – New BDD blog

Richard Smith one of my fellow Microsoft consultants from the UK has started a blog (finally!). Richard is very knowledgeable on everything about BDD and operating system deployment so I am sure you will find his blog very useful.  Richard has started his blog with two great video walk through’s covering Lite Touch and Zero Touch…


BDD 2007 – Understanding BDD logs

Before you can troubleshoot BDD 2007 you need to clearly understand the many logs used during an OS deployment. If you understand what log to refer to and at what time you will find things that where once mysterious become understandable. With this in mind I thought I would provide this quick guide to BDD logs….


BDD 2007 – Patch 1 released

Well the first patch for BDD 2007 has been released, download it here. This fixes a number of those niggling BDD issues, hopefully making your BDD experience a happier one! Here are my highlights: You no longer need to use the work around’s I detailed here when deploying Vista patches with BDD. Patches can now be…


BDD 2007 – BDD and PowerTab – Be teased no more!

I am sure that many of you a very keen to use the functionality demonstrated in the PowerShell Guy’s BDD 2007 teaser. Well be teased no more….. it’s available! This is a fantastic tool, so dive in and discover all of the BDD functionality exposed via PowerShell.  Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided “AS IS”…


BDD 2007 – PowerShell Teaser

Those of you who are keen to leverage PowerShell to manage BDD will find the following teasers from the PowerShell Guy very interesting: Teaser #1 Teaser #2 They should help you understand the functionality that can exposed by PowerShell, I believe the potential is HUGE! Now hopefully Marc will release PowerTab 0.93 quickly because I am…


BDD 2007 – Tips and Tricks – Sorting Applications

Hands up everyone who has tried to add an application to the task sequence and been frustrated by the fact that you can not control the order of the applications. Instead you have too scan through a list of applications that are ordered by the time you imported the application into the Deployment Workbench. Well this…