UAG Error Codes

When working with UAG, clients might run into various errors, but the error message that’s displayed to the user may not always clearly tie to the details of the problem. When a user reports a problem, the first step for the UAG administrator is to inspect UAG’s Web Monitor, which would list the full error…


UAG and Office integration

***Updated on 23 Jan 2013 with information about Forms-based authentication*** When publishing SharePoint servers, one key feature is office integration – the ability of Office applications to open documents from the UAG site. This might sound like something we should take for granted, but it’s actually a complex mechanism, and understanding it can be a…


NLB modes supported by UAG

A question that often comes up is which modes of NLB does UAG support. Initially, before UAG SP1 came out, support was limited to Unicast, even though the UAG User Interface allowed the user to select all 3 modes (Unicast, Multicast and or IGMP Multicast). To add to the confusion, there were some blog posts…


Publishing PeopleSoft with UAG

PeopleSoft is an extremely popular piece of software, but publishing it with UAG has always been a serious pain. The challenge with PeopleSoft is due to the fact that the PeopleSoft server generates cookies, but the application uses client-side code (Java and AJAX) to interact with these cookies. As UAG receives cookies from the backend…


DA 2012 book announced!

As the Unified Remote Access book nears completion, Packt publishing has formally announced it on their website. Head over there to learn more about the books content!


The DirectAccess 2012 book is almost here!

Yesterday I finished writing the final chapter of the DirectAccess 2012 book (a.k.a. Unified Remote Access, or URA) I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s going to be about 300 pages of goodness, covering everything about this technology from the basic design and building blocks to advanced troubleshooting and tracing. Now that…


Windows 2012 DirectAccess (Unified Remote Access) webcast with Bala Natarajan

Looking to learn more about DA 2012? My good friend Bala Natarajan, who is also the Program Manager for this technology within the Windows 2012 development team interviewed about this topic on MSDN Channel9. He discusses this technology in high detail, and I find this very useful and interesting: You might also be happy…


Supported security products for UAG endpoint detection.

A question that often comes up is which endpoint security products are supported by UAG, as part of the endpoint detection mechanism. UAG comes with a pre-populated list, which is divided to three categories: 1) Anti Spyware 2) Antivirus 3) Personal Firewall It is relatively easy to see the list by simply creating a new…


DirectAccess 2012…the book!

As most of you probably heard, with the release of Windows Server 2012, DirectAccess is now tightly integrated into the server operating system. This is a significant development for this technology, which will make it much more available and affordable to many organizations. There are also some technical changes and improvements that will make it…


UAG and TMG update order

I’ve referred to types of updates available in another blog post, in which I also list and update all available UAG updates. I also wrote about the update order in another post. However, it appears the topic is still a source of confusion, so I’ll dedicate this post to that topic. A typical UAG server…