Sending mail to the administrator with UAG

On the UAG portal, you can find an envelope that is a link to create a mail to the site’s administrator (presumably…that’s you!).


However, by default, that link is empty and would generate an empty Email. Editing it requires a little bit of customization, and here are the steps:

1. Navigate to the folder

<UAG Folder>\von\PortalHomePage\Data\SiteMap\ToolBar\

2. Copy the file web.sitemap into the CustomUpdate folder

3. Open the file inside CustomUpdate with the text editor of your choice

4. Go to line 103, which would read:

<siteMapNode url=”mailto: “

5. Add your Email after mailto:

6. Save the file, and activate the configuration to store your changes permanently. If you have an array, this would also replicate them to other array members

If you’d like, you can create a link that will also populate the subject and body of the Email, as well as other fields. However, if you want to do this, know that the & symbol is forbidden in XML, and will cause an application error on the portal. To get around that, use &amp; instead. For example:


Other Email link formatting options include:

1. Specifying additional recipients,,

2. Adding a CC


3. Adding a BCC


4. Multiple BODY lines:

(%0A creates a line break)

The following blog post by Dennis Lee shows additional options related to Email links in UAG:

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