How to add “change password” direct link to UAG

One of UAG’s features is the ability to change a user’s password. To do so, the user needs to click on the Credentials Management page on the portal, and then click on Change Password: Some customers asked us how to add a link to this page directly on the portal, instead of the portal bar….


File size limitations with UAG

As I discussed in the past, UAG has certain limitations on the sizes of files it can handle. Depending on the file’s content type, UAG may need to load the file into a special content-parsing buffer, or it may pass the file directly as-is. For HTML based files (including static HTML, CSS or JS files,…


Backend certificate issues – an unknown error occurred processing the certificate.

A common issue with UAG is having your users receiving an error when trying to launch an application from UAG (such as OWA, for example). The error is “An unknown error occurred while processing the certificate”: It’s important to realize that this means that UAG had an issue when trying to validate the certificate presented…


Activation errors with ADFS trunks

If your UAG server has an ADFS trunk, you might run into activation errors, saying: Failed to run FedUtil from location C:\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\Utils\ConfigMgr\Fedutil.exe with parameters /u "C:\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite\ADFSv2Sites\adfs\web.config". This issue stems from the fact that UAG allocates a limited time FedUtil to do its work. FedUtil is a utility…


Issues with downloading of attachments from OWA on mobile devices.

Guest post by Shawn Liu An issue encountered by some users is when trying to access OWA published by UAG via mobile devices and downloading attachments. With some platforms, the user may receive an error saying “According to your organization’s download policy, the requested download is not allowed.” If an email has multiple attachments, on…


UAG, ADFS, Mobile devices and O365

Two questions that come up often with regards to UAG is its support for the following two scenarios: 1. Publishing Office 365 (O365) 2. Accessing a UAG trunk that’s configured with ADFS authentication through mobile devices. With the release of UAG SP2, several customers have misinterpreted the release notes that were included with it, and…


Shining a light on UAG SP3, IE10 and Windows 8 support

With the release of UAG SP3, Internet Explorer 10 is now supported by UAG. This support extends to both IE10 on Windows 7 and on Windows 8. Internet Explorer 10 has a few changes to its architecture which can be confusing with regards to how it works on 64 bit processors, and most importantly –…


Certified Endpoints in UAG

A really useful feature of UAG is the checking for Certified Endpoints. This entails installing a digital certificate on client computers, and configuring UAG to check them upon a client’s connection. If the certificate is not there, or revoked, UAG can be configured to not allow access, and this way, even if a user’s credentials…


Custom certificate authentication for UAG

Other than chapter 6 in the UAG customization guide, I never had a chance to discuss this topic here. Lucky for all of us, my colleague Shahar Tamari from XL Group has written an extensive guide to this topic. Highly recommended read!