The new book about Unified Remote Access 2012 is finally out!

This morning, the book was finally published. You can go online right now and get the eBook, and the printed copies are expected to be delivered on Jan 2nd. The information on Amazon will be updated soon, to reflect the final details. Meanwhile, you can order the book here: Please share this with your…


Disaster aversion

Nobody likes disasters, and especially not large companies who rely heavily on their servers, and cannot afford even a short downtime of most services. When UAG was released, one of the most important new changes was the ability deploy the server in arrays. With a server array, the services UAG offers can provide higher availability,…


The URA 2012 book is almost upon us!

I’m glad to report that I just approved the final text for the book, and it will be going into final production any second now. It still takes a bit of time to reach the online store, and probably a few more weeks for the printing to commence, but if you pre-ordered a copy, it…


TMG Directions

A few months ago, Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing any further releases of TMG. This was surprising to some, but an expected affirmation of a long suspected move to others. Either way, this has left many people with concerns or questions regarding what to do now, so here are some answers to…


The UAG Video course is out!

Back in May, I announced the upcoming UAG video course, and I’m glad to report that it has finally been released and available to the public. The course is comprised of 40 segments describing and demonstrating various UAG functions, features and abilities, from installation to advanced scenarios. The video can be purchased for $50 as…


UAG support for Windows 8…and other new tech

If you’re a big fan of Windows 8 like me, you must be wondering when UAG will support it. If so, the good news is that the UAG product team has formally announced upcoming support for it. In a few short months (1st quarter of 2013), SP3 for UAG will be released, and it will…


Make head for headers

In a previous post, I discussed how UAG’s AppWrap and SRA mechanisms can help you solve problems and enhance functionality by performing on-the-fly modification of content that UAG processes. A lesser-known ability of AppWrap and SRA is editing HTTP Headers. HTTP headers are data that web servers send and receive from web clients as part…


Hertz….Hertz a lot.

I usually stay away from personal stuff in this blog, but this is one occasion where I’m about to break that rule. The special occasion is in celebration of reaching a significant milestone in my life: my first heart attack. I’m writing this tale mostly for those who care about me, and want to know…


UAG, Lync Mobility and other Lync clients

Back in October 2011, the Update to UAG (SP1 Update 1) finally added support for Lync publishing with UAG. However, much confusion has risen around to what extent Lync publishing is supported. Many customers deduced that the new UAG feature supports the entire range of Lync features and clients…but sadly, this is not the case….