UAG SP1 Update 1 is available!

A few days ago, on October 13th, Update 1 for UAG SP1 has been released. This update contains many fixes, as well as enhancements, such as:

1. Support for Lync publishing (hot topic!)

2. Support for Office Web Apps (with SharePoint 2010)

3. Additional browser support – iPhone 4, iPad, Android and more!

4. Dynamics CRM 2011 publishing

In addition, SP2 for TMG has been released, and it is fully tested and compatible with UAG SP1 Update 1. I’ve discussed this topic before on this blog, but if you missed it, here’s a summary:

Microsoft recommends installing any and all available updates to it’s products. In the case of a UAG server, this incudes the components that are part of the server – the OS itself, TMG, SQL and other sub-components (like the .Net Framework). This does NOT mean, however, that you should update any components to later versions (for example, SQL2008 to SQL2008 R2 or .Net Framework 3.5 to 4.0).

If you are currently running a UAG server with SP1, then the recommended order of installation would be to start with updating the system itself (Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and any subsequent updates), then install TMG SP2, and finally apply UAG SP1 Update 1. If you are building a new server, install Windows 2008 R2, SP1 and all available updates on it. Then, install UAG (any current install media should have SP1 streamlined), and then TMG SP2 and finally UAG SP1 Update 1.

Note that UAG SP1 Update 1 includes the two previous rollups that were released post SP1 (Rollup 2 was not publicly available, though), so there is no need to install either of them. Furthermore, if you uninstall Update 1, the server will revert to SP1. This means that if you were running any of the rollups, upgraded to Update 1 and want to go back, you’ll need to reapply the rollups after uninstalling Update 1.

Here are some links that are related to these released:

Download UAG SP1

Information about UAG SP1 Rollup 1

Download UAG SP1 Update 1

Download TMG SP2

Instructions for installing UAG SP1 Update 1 (this is important especially if you are installing on an Array!)

Updated list of clients supported by UAG SP1 Update 1

What’s new in UAG SP1 Update 1

Release notes for UAG SP1 Update 1

What’s new in TMG SP2

Release notes for TMG SP2


One last thing related to this – concurrently to UAG SP1 Update 1, we have also released a security update that addresses certain Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities in UAG. In case you were wondering, this security update is included with SP1 Update 1, so if you are patching your servers to Update 1, there’s no need to install the security patch (either before or after the update). If, however, you are not going to install Update 1 for some reason, then you need to install the security patch. The patch is available for the 4 major drops of UAG:

1. UAG Gold (with no updates at all)

2. UAG Update 1

3. UAG Update 2

4. UAG SP1

For more information, visit the patch page.


Any more questions? Contact me , and I will answer and possibly add the Q&A to this post.

Comments (4)

  1. mike says:


    Nice report bout the newest patch.

    Has anyone tried the file access application with SSO disabled?

    In my case the authentication form opens after hitting the application button, but thats it.

    No authentication possible.


  2. abc4 says:

    Does SP1 Update 1 finally started supporting google chrome as a supported browser?

  3. Ben Ari says:

    Hi, ABC. Please note that posting questions in the comment is not the best way to get answers. In the future, please post these to our public support forum, or open a support case, if you require a faster response. The answer to your question, though, is that as of now, including SP1 Update 1, UAG does not support Chrome.

  4. DMS says:

    Hi Ben,

    After installing the Update 1 systems with Windows XP Sp2 are encountering issues with Client component. It does not install the component and unable to uninstall the client component as well. Moreover tried uninstalling the update 1, on doing this Microsoft Forefront UAG Session Manager / World Wide Web Publishing Service are unable to start. Is there a process to uninstall this update.



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