More chapters in the UAG book are out

I’ve gotten some great response about the first 3 chapters of the UAG book, and many customers are surprised to discover that the author is me – the same person who have been helping them resolve their cases over the past few years. One of the reasons for the confusion is that Microsoft’s CSS customers know me as “Ben Ari” (which is also the name on this blog), but the book is published under my full name “Erez Ben-Ari”. If you’ve been wondering about that, then you might be interested to know that I’m originally from Israel (where UAG was developed) and so Erez is my first name (means Cedar in Hebrew) and Ben-Ari is my last name (means Son of a Lion in Hebrew). When I moved to the United States, I chose to drop my first name from most places, as it’s hard for American’s to pronounce.

Anyway, enough about me – the good news is that as of today (Sep 13th, which is also my birthday!), chapters 4-7 of the UAG book are available on the RAW site:

These are the most useful chapters, as they talk about actually publishing applications, as well as authentication. Another good news is that a few days ago, I finished writing the final chapter and the book is moving on into the editing/rewriting phase. We are on schedule for a final release early next year!

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