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During the time I’ve been working with IAG and UAG, many customers and visitors to this blog asked me about the availability of public material about the products. Other than the various blogs and official documentation, as well as occasional public course, there was nothing to be found. I’m glad to tell you that finally, there’s a book out there for UAG…written by me, of course.

The book itself is not really finished – I still have a few more chapters to write, but the publisher has released the first three chapters as something they call RAW (short for Read As we Write). It’s like a Beta version – readers can get it right now, way before the book is officially out, and also make comments or suggestions to it. This is a great honor for me, of course, as the publisher only releases into RAW books that are very well written, and can stand their ground without significant edits.

Even though the book is about UAG, a lot of it also applies to IAG, and even eGap. It’s written specifically for the UAG beginner, and starts with basic concepts and design. It goes through advanced configurations and troubleshooting and includes Direct Access scenarios. It does not, however, cover advanced scenarios like ADFS or customizations.

Interested? I hope so…go ahead and look at:

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  1. Steven Livingstone says:

    Ben – happy to look through the book for you if you need reviewers at any point. Done a lot with IAG in the proxying, credential capturing area etc.

    Can get me at weblivz AT hotmail DOT com

    Now to go get a RAW copy …. :=)

  2. Bjorn Mikkelsen says:

    Hi Ben

    Got the first 3 chapters of your RAW book, great stuff. On the Packt site it say chapter 4-7 should be available in august, do you have an estimate on when those chapters will be available to us ?

  3. Ben Ari says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I'm glad you like my work! I already submitted the next chapters to the publisher, so I'm guessing they are just going through some administrative tasks and it should be up any day now. I'm finishing the last chapter these days, so looks like we might beat the schedule by as much as 3 months!

  4. Bjorn Mikkelsen says:

    Thats great news! Thanks alot for the answer. Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Jim Steel says:

    The book is awesome.  Thanks for putting it together.  I am almost done reading it before I start installing UAG in the lab. Maybe I missed it in the book, but I have not read about where to install the license key for UAG.  Is UAG run on the honesty policy or is there somewhere to install the CAL's?

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