It’s that time of the year again…

Yeah, folks, it’s that time of the year again – the time to update your IAG Server. Update 3 for IAG 3.7 SP2 has been released a few weeks back, and it addresses multiple issues. The biggest news is that it includes New client components that support Windows 7 and 64-bit clients. Here are some details about other improvements and fixes:


1. Fix for issues with viewing the IAG weekly reports

2. W3WP crash when accessing a basic trunk

3. WhlHttpParser.dll crash under a heavy load

4. Failure to sign upper case HTTPS links

5. W3WP crash when launching the network connector

6. Failure to generate very large reports in Web Monitor

7. Failure to access files that contain a hyphen (-), a comma (,), or an apostrophe (‘) in the file name on a SharePoint server

8. Failure to detect the F-Prot Anti Virus product

9. Changes to a single KCD-based trunk causes a problem with other KCD-based trunks on the same server

10. Problems accessing a trunk that has been created using the DUPLICATE command

11. Failure to accept a password that has Unicode characters

12. Problems viewing large SharePoint SQL reporting reports that are very large

13. Problems accessing an IAG server using the MSN explorer

14. Errors during downloading of files larger than 10 MB

15. ADFS logon failure after installing security update 971726



For more details, have a look at the official release notes:

As usual for IAG, the update itself is not available publicly, but any user who needs it should open a support case with Microsoft CSS and we will deliver the update to you personally.

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