Some client-side magic scripting

In a previous blog post, I’ve detailed how to create a custom application template to perform a special drive-mapping. Later on, I’ve posted another one, which offers a way to use the “relay” template format to run a VBScript that can do other things. The “relay” template is one of the most powerful features of…


Understanding and troubleshooting the activation process

Performing a configuration activation on a UAG server is one of those things that we wish we could do without, but understanding how it works and why it is so important can make this a bit more tolerable. The reason for the activation process is that UAG is but one piece of a big puzzle….


Publishing Office Communication Server and Communicator Web Access with UAG

Publishing Office Communication Server (OCS) and Communicator Web Access (CWA) with UAG has been a source of confusion for some UAG customers, mostly because these products offer a wide range of functionality. Some of this is pretty simple to configure, and some takes more planning. When planning OCS publishing with UAG, one must take into…


SharePoint publishing concepts and considerations

SharePoint is probably the most common service that is published by UAG servers out there, and it can be really simple, but sometimes extremely difficult. The situation can be challenging because the external access to the site can be non-trivial, and there are multiple possible scenarios. The tricky part about SharePoint publishing, as opposed to…


Types of updates available for UAG

***As of April 2013, this page is no longer being kept current, as I have left the UAG support team. Please visit UAG’s Wikipedia page for updated information*** A few days ago, Service Pack 1 for UAG has been released, but we have seen some confusion with customers with regards to the type of updates…


Creating a policy for a corporate machine

A nice feature of the endpoint policy mechanism in UAG is the ability to create a Corporate-Machine policy, and then use it to grant more granular access to machines which meet the policy. Some customer have found this to be confusing, thinking that you can simply specify that as an expression, and UAG will be…


Publish Exchange 2003 with UAG

The following is a guest-post by Alexandre Giraud, a highly valued MVP I’ve worked with a lot. Thanks a lot, Alexandre, for sharing your work with me and allowing me to share it with our customers! I recently had a customer with Exchange 2003 Front-End, who needed to publish Exchange Web Services (EWS). Of course,…


UAG Update 2 is out!

Many customers have been eagerly waiting for this update…even if they didn’t even know it was coming. Why? Because it finally introduces 64 bit support for all of the SSL-VPN components of UAG for Windows 7. This is a great milestone! Additionally, you can now publish VDI with UAG, which has also been requested by…


The customers ALWAYS win!

My dear colleagues Yuri and Thomas, who have written extensively everywhere about our various security products have just informed me that they are also releasing a book! It is going to be available pretty soon, and I’m sure will be fantastic. When conquering new technology, it is always a good idea to have more than…


More chapters in the UAG book are out

I’ve gotten some great response about the first 3 chapters of the UAG book, and many customers are surprised to discover that the author is me – the same person who have been helping them resolve their cases over the past few years. One of the reasons for the confusion is that Microsoft’s CSS customers…