Creating a custom application template

IAG comes pre-populated with many application templates, but occasionally, one might need to customize them. A typical scenario is a need to use one of the client/server based templates, which automatically launch an SSL-VPN tunnel, and then notify the user that it is ready to launch the application. Here’s how to customize the default template…


Block by block

A useful feature with IAG is the ability to block file uploads and downloads, which can be enforced based on various parameters, like file extension, size and more. While this seems pretty straight forward, as each application has an Upload/Download settings page, this may be confusing and some users try to set it and are…


Grease up those hands

An important piece in the way IAG works is called URL signing. This process involves the server adding a string of seemingly-random characters to links. The string is not random at all, really, and the purpose of this is to allow IAG to communicate with many internal servers, while using just one IP and Port…


A little addition to drive mapping

I already discussed Drive Mapping with IAG several times, but one thing I failed to address properly is the “setup” issue. In the April 16 entry, “Fetch me my files, please”, I’ve explained that for the drive mapping to work, a registry setting must be set on each client. Most users just create the Drive-Mapping…


Drive them crazy

IAG’s Local Drive Mapping feature is useful for creating a work environment for your users that is similar to what they have at the office, but the default app is only good for mapping a specific share for all users. Most organizations also have a personal drive for each user, mapped from his Active-Directory profile….


Report to the principal’s office

While school days might be over for this year, thank goodness, I want to talk a little about SharePoint and SQL Server™ Reporting Services. This is quite a popular feature with MOSS, but when IAG is in the picture, things don’t always turn out well. For those who don’t know it, the SQL Server™ Reporting…


Policy Chase

With the introduction of SP2 for IAG, the process of creating custom endpoint detection policies has been slightly altered, as it now supports creating separate policies for Linux and Mac computers. Today I’ll details a step by step guide to creating custom policies. Before we continue, I’d like to point out that IAG comes with…


Performance Anxiety

Recently, I was in need of doing some performance troubleshooting, and used Windows’s built in performance monitor, naturally. While doing this, I noticed that although I configured the monitor to log the counters for some processes (like IIS’s processes), when I was opening the log file for review on my server, I wasn’t seeing any…


Fetch me my files, please

An often-missed feature of IAG is the ability to let users access shares on internal servers when connecting to the IAG portal. This is done using the drive mapping application, which activates the SSL-VPN component of IAG and performs a NET USE command to pre-defined shares. It is particularly useful to create such a mapping…


Hunt a virus

One of the best features of IAG is its ability to detect a connecting clients Anti-virus software, and block access to clients who do not conform to the policy defined by the server administrator. This is an effective way to prevent a virus infection from connecting clients. This detection is performed by the IAG Client…