Connect Outlook to Facebook and Windows Live


Outlook Social Connector for Facebook and Windows Live MessengerAfter the LinkedIn for Outlook Social Connector, we have recently announced you can plug Facebook and Windows Live into Outlook via the Outlook Social Connector.

Read more about the Facebook and Windows Live Outlook Social Connector at the Microsoft Office team blog. You can also download the providers directly:

Comments (2)

  1. Tapankanti Mandal says:

    In the following path

    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataKaspersky LabAVP8Data

    Every day this folder is getting fatter and fatter, reducing the fre spce of C drive.

    Is it possible to to shift the folder to D drive?

    Or, Is it possible to delete this folder?


    With regards.

  2. De Tender Peter - ICTinus says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for sharing this.

    However, some "caution" is advised when using these plug-ins. At one of our customers, we faced the issue where data on local contacts information in Outlook was overwritten by new data from these connectors.

    The original phone number information was like "+32(0)123/456.789, where the new information was 01/2345678, loosing the international formatting. This caused a lot of helpdesk calls from mobile users, who couldn't use their local contacts for calling anymore.

    Cheers, Peter

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