Audio Conferencing in LiveMeeting Online (BPOS) for Belgian Customers

Screenshot_LiveMeeting_178x170 Did you know we enabled the computer audio conferencing features in LiveMeeting Online (part of the BPOS Standard Suite) for our Belgian customers?

This means that Belgian customers can now host meetings where participants can talk to each other via the LiveMeeting client using a microphone and speaker attached to their computer. The audio is transferred over the internet (Voice over IP, or VoIP in short).

Enabling ‘Computer Audio Conferencing’ for existing meetings

In order to use the ‘Computer Audio Conferencing’ in meetings that you already created (including the “Meet Now” meeting), you must enable this option individually for every meeting. It is not enabled by default.

  1. Sign in to go to your company portal at Microsoft Online Services.
  2. Click on “Start Microsoft Office LiveMeeting”.
  3. On the Microsoft Office LiveMeeting website, click on “Meetings” under the “Manage” heading in the left menu.
    The list of the existing meetings appears.
  4. Click on the title of the meeting for which you want to enable the ‘Computer Audio Conferencing’.
  5. Under the “Actions” menu, you can click on the “Meeting options” (or “Meet Now Options” for the Meet Now conference).
  6. Go to the “Audio” heading, and check “Enable computer audio conferencing”.
  7. If you want all participants to be able to talk during the meeting, you should choose “Two way audio conferencing for all participants”.
    If you only want presenters to broadcast audio to all participants, you should choose “One way audio broadcasting”.


  8. Don’t forget to save these new settings by clicking “OK” at the bottom of the page.

Repeat this for all meetings where you want to have the ‘Computer Audio Conferencing’ active.

Enabling ‘Computer Audio Conferencing’ for new meetings

When scheduling a new meeting, you can choose to enable ‘Computer Audio Conferencing’ under the "Occurrence” option.


Enjoy LiveMeeting! And BTW, did you know that Polycom’s CX5000 device (a.k.a. RoundTable) works perfectly with LiveMeeting Online?

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