Office & SharePoint 2010 informational and fun videos

Mike Ganotti  Mike Ganotti, the Social Media Samurai that regularly goes on Productivity Adventures, created a series of informational and fun videos on Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010:

Office Web Applications
“Comprised of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, Microsoft Office Web Applications provide anywhere anytime access to office documentation and allow users to view and interact with high fidelity content via the browser.”

”PowerPivot combines the ease of use and versatility of Excel with the scalability of SQL Analysis Services, all served up through SharePoint.”

Access Services
”For years Microsoft Access has been a two edged sword for many organizations providing quick, flexible, application development for non-developers while causing support nightmares for IT Operations. With the latest release of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise and Access 2010 Microsoft has provided the tools that increases the power of development available to power users while solving the operational quandary of IT.”

Visio Services
”Oftentimes within organizations there is a desire to visualize data in a non-tabular fashion. Traditionally this has been a difficult exercise requiring developer assistance but no more! Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Visio 2010 form a powerful one two punch enabling business users to create rich non-tabular visualizations of static or dynamic data that are rendered via the web.”

InfoPath Services
”InfoPath Forms Services enables users to fill out InfoPath forms by using a Web browser. This provides wide access to forms for users independent of their desktop applications. InfoPath forms are easily created, edited, and published by end users making them an ideal solution for electronic form data capture.”

SharePoint 2010 + Tag: Bridging the Physical and Virtual Divide
”SharePoint 2010 provides the premiere web 2.0 platform for rendering rich content and media anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Microsoft Tag provides the ideal bridge to connect your organizations physical presence with the rich mobile experience served up by SharePoint 2010.”

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