Unleashing the Power of (Your) Data

Self-Service Business Intelligence In an ideal world, when you get a request to answer a question like, “How did the blue version of our product perform in these regions over this period?” you can just open Excel, drag a few items onto a blank sheet and get the answer. If you are in a small business you probably can do this today, and the rest of us are envious of you for it. For the rest of us, that question could be the start of the torrent of emails to people we think know where bits of that data are hidden, then we subsequently assembles those bits to finally answer the question.

Need a business intelligence solution that doesn’t overload the IT department? Empower your knowledge workers with a powerful self-service business intelligence solution with SQL Server 2008 R2, Report Builder 3.0 and PowerPivot!

Learn more about it in this article on Unleashing the Power of Your Data and its related videos links:

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