Technology Fire Side Chats with Senior Microsoft Executives

Microsoft Corp recently started running a series of Live Meeting sessions where senior Microsoft executives talk about the areas they are working on and where you get the opportunity to pose questions to them. You can pre-submit your questions when you register or ask them live during the chat. The chats are specifically designed for and with technical community experts. Each chat is an hour in length.

Register here for these upcoming Fire Side Chats with senior Microsoft executives:

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 - Solution Accelerator
Dec 3rd – 18:00 CET – Michael Niehaus

SharePoint 2010 for Developers
Dec 8th – 17:00 CET – Paul Andrew

What’s new in Office 2010 and Implications for IT Pro’s
Dec 10th – 17:00 CET – Reed Shaffner

What’s new in Office 2010 for Developers
Dec 15th – 17:00 CET – John Durant

SharePoint 2010 for IT Professionals
Dec 17th – 17:00 CET – Jie Li

Microsoft IT: Chief Architect and CTO
Jan 12th – 17:00 CET – Barry Briggs

You can find more details on each of these (and register) at

Note: These chats are organized by the User Groups and Communities Support team at Microsoft Corp but can also be attended by technical people from Microsoft partners…

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