How To Create a Technet Blog (Microsoft employees only)

A lot of people have been asking ‘how do I create and post to a TechNet blog as a Microsoft Employee?’. Never fear, here is a clear and up to date set of steps to start your own MS Corp blog.

  1. Sign in with you personal account here
  2. Signing in for the first time will automatically direct you to the ‘Create your TechNet Profile’ page. Otherwise click the ‘Create a Profile’ link in the top toolbar. Follow the steps and you will now have a TechNet Profile.
  3. Affiliate your TechNet Profile with your MS Corp account here
    • For more info about different affiliations click here
  4. Next step is to create your blog.
    • Give your site a name (what will appear in the address i.e. – cannot be edited later
    • Give your site a title – can be edited later
    • Click ‘Create Site’
  5. You will be directed to your new blog site i.e. Log in with your TechNet Profile and you will be able to post to the site.
  6. Create your first blog post by hovering over ‘New’ in the top toolbar and selecting ‘Post’.
    • NOTE: if you are not logged in with your Microsoft affiliated account you will not be able to post.

Looking forward to posting more myself and seeing what others have to share as well. Happy blogging fellow techies!

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  1. Nice one Bec, it took me forever to work this one out. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Blogs away 🙂

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