I’ back to Italy… and I’m loving IT!

Well well, long time without posting once again.   This time I have a good enough reason… which is my relocation back to… La Dolce Vita.   Yes, exactly, I am back in Italy, back to Milan, back to the place I grown up and where I have all of my family! Working in Microsoft…


Madagascar – We need your Help!

  I don’t often blog about our team initiatives, but here’s one which is very important and we need the most help with. It’s like that famous slogan… “every little helps” 😉   Local Software Engineer to race through tropical rainforest on a bicycle   15 PFEs of Microsoft are pedalling a massive 420km across…


Self-Service Hotfixes

  Microsoft has recently introduced a new process to receive Hotfixes which I thought useful for everybody to know about.   Up to now, customers had to call CSS to obtain any of these fixes, while Premier customers were already able to download them through the Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) system.   From now on,…


Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle and SQL Server

  Understand Microsoft Support Lifecycle is essential to minimize the risk of security exploits or loss of support.   Some resources you might find useful to understand it better are:   1 .http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/ (to understand the general rules on which the Lifecycle is based on)   If you want things to be easier, just go…


There’s Something About… Books on Line (BOL)

A really interesting article I’ve found this week is called “Carpe Datum”, and it talks about the SQL Server Books on Line. Buck Woody, a  Technical Writer in the SQL Product Group, gives ourselves an overview of how the BOL are created and answers to a lot of questions I’ve always had in my mind….


Preparing for DST changes in 2007

In August of 2005 the United States Congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which changes the dates of both the start and end of daylight saving time (DST) from 2007. While the change in daylight saving time applies to U.S. and Canada, it may have an impact also on customers who interact or integrate with…