Resource Governor Demos

If you are looking for some demos to play and learn about Resource Governor, you should have a look to the SQL Server SQLOS team blog, which has posted a couple of interesting ones.


1) Anatomy of SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor CPU Demo


This demo will use a single CPU to simplify the concepts described, and will create 2 Resource Pools, one used from a single Workload Group and one shared between two Workload Groups. Everything will be initially configured with default parameters, but will then be changed to demonstrate the effects of restricting CPU utilization and the meaning of the importance option in the Workload Groups.


2) Resource Governor CPU Demo on multiple CPUs


This demo will use two CPU and will demonstrate the fact that Resource Governor CPU limitations are applied only when there is actual contention on the scheduler. It will show the effect of having restricted CPU utilization and Workload Groups landing on different schedulers.


- Beatrice Nicolini -

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