Reading User Group Meeting – 20th Nov

For those which live or work close to Reading - there will be a UserGroup on the 20th Evening held in TVP - Microsoft Offices.




6pm – 6:30 Registration and networking + Tea/Coffee with biscuits.


Meet and greet.


6:30pm – 7 Round Table discussion - ALL


Take stock and get the latest news in the SQL Server field. This is also a great opportunity to ask any burning questions you have, may be a problem at work.


7pm – 7:40 SQL Server 2008 - Data & Backup Compression

Beatrice Nicolini

Premier Field Engineer | SQL Server |Microsoft U.K.

Read my Blog.:


With the 2008 release, SQL Server makes a major advance in scalability for data warehousing. With data and backup compression, SQL Server 2008 reduces the size of tables and indexes by storing fixed-length data types in variable length storage format and allows saving disk media space for your SQL backups. This session will guide you through the new data and backup features of SQL 2008, and will show which options are available for different data warehousing scenarios.


7:40pm – 7:55 BREAK: Sarnies


More time to network and ask questions...


7:55pm – 8.15pm Open Nuggest Session

The Audience - anyone


Bring your 5 minute hint/tip/demo and present it. This worked well at the London User Group.

Please let me know in advance via email to

It's a great way of getting your name know and developing your career! There will be prizes for each person who presents.


8:15pm – 8.45pm Table Expressions and the Optimiser and some SQL 2008 optimisations for Optional Parameters

Tony Rogerson, SQL Server MVP


We will look at the theory behind Table Expressions (Derived Tables, Views, Table Valued Functions and Common Table BLOCKED EXPRESSION, we will delve into some traps and suprise you at what the optimiser is doing under the covers. To finish off we will look at some SQL Server 2000 introduced optimiser improvements that certainly if you are using dynamic SQL because of optional parameters will mean you can move away from dynamic SQL back to simple straighforward SQL.


To register: 


- Beatrice Nicolini -

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