SQL 2008 OpsDay – Data and Backup Compression


Hi all,


Just wanted to thank all the attendees that participated to yesterday's event on SQL Server 2008 in TVP - Reading.


We've received great feedback on the content of the day, and I really hope everybody went back home (for some of you I heard it was quite a long way) sure that SQL Server 2008 is a great product full of new features and enhancements which are just what you need for your business activities.


I just want to follow-up some questions which I've received during the event, and leave some links to review if you want to further learn about Data and Backup Compression.




"Data compression is an enterprise only feature. Is it possible though to restore compressed backup on standard?"


Though creating compressed backups is supported only in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition and later, every SQL Server 2008 or later edition can restore a compressed backup.


"Are there some guidelines to tune performances of backup compression"?


Yes, one interesting article from Technet and from SQL CAT:


  • Tuning the Performance of Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008


  • How to: Use Resource Governor to Limit CPU Usage by Backup Compression (Transact-SQL)




Useful information:


Reducing Database Size by Using Vardecimal Storage Format



Creating Compressed Tables and Indexes



SQL Server Storage Engine - Data Compression Series



Backup Compression (SQL Server)



SQL Server 2008: Backup Compression



SQL Server 2008: Backup Compression CPU Cost



Download the last CTP



For any additional question, please contact myself directly at beatrice.nicolini@microsoft.com and read our team blog at http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/thepremiers/default.aspx.


- Beatrice Nicolini -


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