Watch and Win a Zune!

Watch an on-demand webcast through Dec 2, 2007 to automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Zune™ digital media player.  


Office Ready… Make sure you have all the pieces

Hopefully by now you have ordered your Office Ready Master Kits and are ready to get going selling new systems with Vista and 2007 Office using the new Office Ready technology to enable the 60-Day trial mode.  One important thing you need to know is that the Office Activation Assistant did not make it into…


DST and Launch webcasts

Hi there!  My name is Juli-Ann and I work closely with the BOB team on the marketing side of things.  From what we hear, many of you fill a variety of  roles at your company including technical and marketing.  I wanted to share with you some things on my mind.   First, daylight savings time! …


Get Ready Your Way and you can get a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate!

As part of the Get Ready Your Way promotion, you can get yourself a copy of the top of the line in versions of Windows Vista.  That’s right, Windows Vista Ultimate!  Find out more at


A funny thing happened to me while in Florida…

So I was talking to a group of System Builders while presenting at a road show in Florida.  One of the System Builders in the audience made a comment that he was annoyed that every time someone came in with a machine that needed the OS reinstalled, he had to call to have it activated. …