Automate the Download and Installation of Windows Updates


If you are a System Builder and are having problems using Windows Updates to sell systems pre-patched with Windows Updates because of WGA, we have a solution for you. With the use of a simple batch file and a System Builder specific tool, you’ll never have to worry about WGA issues anymore.

Here is the link for the article with the batch file and tool:



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  1. Anonymous says:


    Firstly great work you guys do, have found a heap load of hints / tips and usefull things here, as well as listen to a few ( almost all ) of you webcasts !!

    Query: Copied Victors text, made batch file, copied batch + exe file in Sysprep , exe sbbypass, accepted EULA, ran windows update : Can´t get past the Validate page !!!

    info: using XP Prof. / Distributed Network OPK ( FDD with Winbom ) .

    Thanks for any help offerd 🙂


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