SBS in your home? What?

I read this article and couldn't agree more.   I love SBS and I must admit, I too run it at home.  I mean, why not?  I have 4 kids, all whom have a computer.  Using WSUS and Group policy elimanates a ton of admin time.  Using both the reporting in SBS and Vista allow me to see everything that happens in MY DOMAIN.  I have learned more administering my own doamin at home than reading any book.  Let your kids play on the computer for awhile and see if you can fix it, now THATs a challenge!

 Check out the following article: 

Master Your Domain: Build a Corporate Network at Home 


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  1. Anonymous says:


    I’ve been running domains at home for over 6 years. I really love it, espically the exchange part of running my own email server 🙂 I’m not running SBS, but have a kick butt server with win2k3 r2 on it… I also connect to home from work all the time and do non-work related things on my home PC so they can’t track it :-o.

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