Receive a copy of Windows Vista™ Ultimate!

  NEW ON STAGE! (US Shows) Attend the Intel Microsoft Ready 2 Rock Road Show and be eligible to receive a copy of Windows Vista™ Ultimate! Simply register, attend the Road Show and be one of the first 5000 participants to complete the online Ready 2 Rock Quiz with 80% or better accuracy. Full details…


Study Group for 70-294

  We regret to inform you that the study group for 70-294 has been pushed back until after the holidays.  We are still planning on delivering a series of webcast for the 4 core Windows 2003 MCSE exams but due to intense traveling for the Intel\Microsoft roadshow, we had to rearrange the timing of the…


Automate the Download and Installation of Windows Updates

  If you are a System Builder and are having problems using Windows Updates to sell systems pre-patched with Windows Updates because of WGA, we have a solution for you. With the use of a simple batch file and a System Builder specific tool, you’ll never have to worry about WGA issues anymore. Here is the link…


IE7 is scheduled to be released Nov. 1

System Builder, heads up! Internet Explorer 7 went RTM October 18, and is scheduled to be distributed via Automatic Update on November 1. Visit the following site to find out more information around this release: You’ll get information around user options, blocking policies, and OPK.  Victor


SBS in your home? What?

I read this article and couldn’t agree more.   I love SBS and I must admit, I too run it at home.  I mean, why not?  I have 4 kids, all whom have a computer.  Using WSUS and Group policy elimanates a ton of admin time.  Using both the reporting in SBS and Vista allow me…


Office 2007 Training anyone?

WOW…This is awesome if you want to learn about the changes in Office 2007 and trust me when I say that there ARE changes!!!   Launch 2007 e-Learning Courses Here is a comprehensive list of all the free Microsoft e-Learning courses for Launch 2007. Most of them are centered around Office, but my guess is…


23-City Ready 2 Rock VistaOffice Road Show!!!!!

The BoB Team is proud to present the system builder channel with a 23-City Ready 2 Rock Road Show offering product training and hands-on experience. Microsoft and Intel Help System Builders Get Ready for Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors. Brett and I will be the Microsoft speakers…


Exam Prep – Active Directory Benefits for Smaller Enterprises

While preparing for this exam I came across this white paper on Active Directory Benefits for Smaller Enterprises. You may want to read through this document and post any questions you have.   The white paper covers the following information, most of which is pertinent tot he exam: Although many organizations have completed their…