Jaisson Mailloux – National SB Technology Specialist


Hello Everyone,


I am excited to finally be a part of the System Builder team!  It seems like only yesterday when I started at Microsoft as a Customer Service Representative in Product Support and Services (PSS).  The year was 1998, the good ole days, when Monica Lewinsky, a balanced budget, and Viagra were headliners.  Steve Ballmer, 42,was appointed president of Microsoft and Windows 98 was released worldwide! 


I have had the pleasure of becoming both a Duty Manager and a Support Engineer for the Windows support team in PSS.  I worked the graveyard shift the entire time which was great while my 4 children were growing up.


Eight years is a long time in any industry these days let alone the tech industry.  I was told along time ago that in order to live a healthy and successful life you need 3 passions outside of work and family.  I believe you can tell a lot about a person if you know their hobbies and passions, so I would like to share mine with you:


1.     Sports!  I love sports, any sport (including Curling); however, football is my favorite to watch and play.  The Dallas Cowboys are my team, though I am not sure what we are going to do with T.O.  I found myself rooting for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, since there is just something wrong with Pittsburg.  Maybe the 10 years I spent in Houston watching them beat the Oilers…nah J.


2.     Video Games!  If it weren’t for Age of Empires, EverQuest and now Dungeons and Dragons Online I would have received my degree sooner, paid off all of my bills, traveled the world, found a cure for cancer, achieved peace in the Middle East……..


3.     Reading!  Doesn’t matter what I read or why I am reading it.  I just love to read.  There is nothing better than reading a book they make into a movie only to criticize the director and explain to your friends how much better the book was.  Can you say DaVinci Code?


In any event, I am truly excited to be a part of this team.  Is there a better job than this?  To travel across the states teaching people how to make money using a product you believe in?  Answer in two letters or less.


I look forward to working with you soon!

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