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Microsoft Download Center: Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 TechNet Library documentation as a PDF.

Hi Everyone, Recently, we announced the availability of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 TechNet Library documentation available as a PDF on Microsoft Download Center. We highly recommend that you should always rely on the latest documentation available on http://technet.microsoft.com This download is an Adobe® PDF of the entire contents of the… Read more

Microsoft Windows Server: Virtualize Enterprise Applications Guidance

Many customers begin their virtualization journeys’ by virtualizing the low intensity, less critical workloads, such as File & Print Servers, or Web Servers, but as customer confidence in virtualization grows, customers need to understand the impact of virtualization, from a performance, scalability and reliability perspective, on their more mission-critical, tier 1 and tier 2 applications… Read more

Dude, which is that Group Policy (GP) to manage X feature??

Well, I believe most of us face this problem quite often to configure various features in Windows or Office using Group Policy. And often we try to hunt around online for specific policy to solve that problem. Check this link http://gpsearch.azurewebsites.net/  It contains all the group policy settings for all of your Windows & Office… Read more

Microsoft IT Camps–Mumbai–June 2012, Resources

Hello IT Professionals, Thank you very much for attending Microsoft IT Camps – Mumbai on 7-8 June 2012 at Hilton. I would like to thank each one of you for your time & dedication.   Here are the resources that were presented during 2 days IT Camp. Microsoft Virtualization Team Blog http://blogs.TechNet.com/b/virtualization/ Microsoft Private Cloud… Read more

Microsoft Download Center: VHDX Format Specification

This specification describes the VHDX virtual hard disk format that provides a disk-in-a-file abstraction. This specification assumes that you are familiar with hard disk technologies, including how hard disks interface with the operating system or a virtual machine and understand how data is accessed and laid out on the physical medium. This specification is released… Read more

Microsoft Private Cloud announcement: Transforming IT with Microsoft Private Cloud, 17th JAN 2011. REGISTER NOW !!

  Transforming IT with Microsoft Private Cloud The definition, business value, and technology benefits of the "the cloud" have been hotly debated in recent months. Most agree that cloud computing can accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and increase business agility in the market. In 2012, cloud computing will transition from hype and discussion, to part of… Read more

10 Reasons You Should Consider Dedicated Web Hosting White paper

It’s been a long time after my last post. Today, I received this white paper and I thought to share with you all. Following are the 10 Reasons why you should consider dedicated web hosting… 1. More physical security 2. More virtual security 3. More reliable bandwidth 4. More reliable processing 5. More uptime 6…. Read more

Netsh Technical Reference Documentation

! Important ! See important details and procedures – specific to this download – in the Instructions, or in the ReadMe_SecurityDisabledHelpFile text file that is included when you extract the downloaded Netsh_TechnicalReference.Zip. Network shell (netsh) is a command-line utility that allows you to configure settings and display the status of various network communications server roles… Read more

Windows CardSpace 2.0 Beta 2

Windows CardSpace 2.0 is the end user component of Microsoft’s user access platform for developers and IT professionals that helps simplify access to applications and other systems with an open claims-based model. Windows CardSpae 2.0 benefits users by helping navigating logins and controlling information sharing. CardSpae 2.0 includes built-in interoperability via open industry standards and… Read more