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The New Efficiency Launch Continued Dialogue…Because it’s everybody’s_business

Microsoft continues the New Efficiency Launch campaign with the continued dialogue. This time we are covering some of the key aspects of everyday business. With this you get a whole of lot resources around the products that we have launched. For more information and resources visit http://www.microsoft.com/india/continueddialogue/default.aspx… Read more

Join us for the NEW efficiency launch event

    On September 29th at 9 am (PST) please join us here on www.thenewefficiency.com for a kick-off discussion on “The New Efficiency” live from San Francisco as a part of Microsoft’s Virtual Launch Event. Join in the conversation during this must-see event and see top technology leaders and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, debate the role… Read more

Microsoft India kicks off with The New Efficiency Launch

Microsoft India kicks off with THE NEW EFFICIENCY launch events. Feel free to join in the launch events and the contests across India. Visit the following link to know more about THE NEW EFFICIENCY Launch. http://www.microsoft.com/india/newefficiency/… Read more