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Now Available: Windows 8 RTM for MSDN/TechNet Subscribers && Visual Studio 2012 RTM for MSDN Subscribers!!

It’s 15th August 2012 & as per the previous announcement Windows 8 is now available for MSDN & TechNet Subscribers.   For Developers, if you have MSDN Subscription then you can download Windows 8 RTM & Visual Studio 2012 RTM. For Developers here are some of the resources from Visual Studio & Windows Teams. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsappdev/archive/2012/08/15/windows-8-rtm-is-available-for-developers.aspx… Read more

TechNet & MSDN Sites – New Look & Feel !!!

Here is my technet.microsoft.com page with newly added green IT = cheaper IT banner 🙂 And here is the brand new MSDN Homepage. I must say MSDN Homepage looks super stunning & ultimate. It says developers, developers, developers…code with Microsoft. A very clear vision – Desktop | Web | Cloud | Phone I hope the… Read more