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New HTC Update for Windows Phone available; includes new Firmware Revision 2250.21.51201.707 & Bootloader Version 5.12.2250.1(134400)

Today, I received a new HTC Update for Windows Phone i.e. for my HTC Mozart. As seen in the screenshot below not much available in the description but it contains the new Firmware Revision & Bootloader. I noticed significant improvement in the boot speed. Total time to boot the device (HTC Mozart) takes about 22-23… Read more

Microsoft Download Center: Windows Phone 7.5 Guides for IT Professionals

Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) brings together the information, applications, tools, and services needed to help your workforce accomplish what they most want to do, easier and faster. At home or on the go, people can use powerful solutions such as Microsoft Office Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint Server to stay up-to-date with colleagues and business associates…. Read more

Windows Phone: Internet Sharing Feature Now Available on HTC Mozart after Firmware Revision.

Last week I blogged about the firmware update I received for my HTC Mozart running Mango RTM. Here is the quick summary. I received 2 updates. First it updated Firmware from 2250.21.40600.707 to 2250.21.50001.707 on 8th Oct. http://blogs.technet.com/b/aviraj/archive/2011/10/08/htc-firmware-update-for-windows-phone.aspx?ocid=aff-n-in-loc–aa And Second updated Firmware from 2250.21.50001.707 to 2250.21.51001.707 on 21st Oct http://blogs.technet.com/b/aviraj/archive/2011/10/21/htc-update-for-windows-phone.aspx?ocid=aff-n-in-loc—aa UPDATE After installing this firmware… Read more

HTC Update for Windows Phone

Couple of weeks back I blogged about HTC Firmware Update on my Windows Phone Mango Device over here HTC Firmware Update for Windows Phone Today I received another update for Windows Phone Mango. In this HTC Update for Windows phone Firmware revision remains the same but the RFU is updated from earlier 411408 to this… Read more