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Microsoft Download Center: System Center Service Manager 2012 Beta…Now Available

System Center Service Manager 2012 beta provides flexible self-service experiences and standardized datacenter processes that can help you integrate people, workflows, and knowledge across enterprise infrastructure and applications.

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System Center Service Manager 2012 beta helps standardize service delivery across your organization by:

  • Enabling IT to deliver flexible self-service experiences so application owners can request private cloud capacity to deploy services.
  • Integrating people, processes, and information across enterprise infrastructure and applications.
  • Standardizing datacenter processes with workflows designed around industry best practices.

Enables Self-Service for Application Owners and End-Users
Service Manager 2012 offers a customizable Service Catalog that provides you with access to standardized service offerings spanning applications and infrastructure. Through an integrated System Center Cloud Services Process Pack (coming soon), Service Manager 2012 empowers you with a self-service experience to request private cloud infrastructure capacity as appropriate to your business needs. Service Manager 2012 also offers automated approval workflows at the back-end to fulfill these resulting service requests (including VM requests) in a standardized manner. Finally, Service Manager 2012 offers you easy to use business and operational reporting capabilities through a data-warehouse that aggregates multiple data sources in your enterprise (including System Center, Active Directory, and SAP).
Integrates People, Processes, and Information Across Enterprise Infrastructure and Applications Service Manager 2012 offers an easy-to-setup Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that standardizes the capture of relationships across infrastructure and applications, and helps to facilitate continued organizational compliance when changes occur. Service Manager 2012 offers two new connectors for System Center Orchestrator 2012 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 that enables you to deliver process automation across core private cloud scenarios, such as provisioning and service offering creation. Finally, the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) solution for Service Manager 2012 will help you with the automation necessary to support your compliance programs.
Standardizes Datacenter Processes with Workflows Designed Around Industry Best Practices
Service Manager 2012 includes built in automated workflows for incident management, problem management, SLA management, and service request fulfillment. These can help you deliver predictable operational SLAs for your datacenter application and infrastructure services. With the expedited release cycles that cloud computing enables, it’s important to set up robust change control so that you can maintain the availability, performance, and reliability of your applications and infrastructure. Service Manager 2012 offers closed-loop change and release management to help you mitigate risks arising from high impact changes that span multiple application and infrastructure components.
System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool (For SCSM 2012 Beta) The System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool is a tool for customization and extension of the built-in functionality in System Center Service Manager. This release supports modifying existing Process Management Packs and creating new Management Packs that define extensions to the Service Manager database for tracking additional information, customizations of forms or new forms, and new workflows. This release is available in 10 languages.
This release is compatible with Service Manager 2012 beta. It contains the necessary changes to ensure the Authoring Tool is compatible with SCSM 2012 but does not contain a new feature set from prior releases.
System Center Cloud Services Process Pack
This process pack offers a self-service experience to facilitate private cloud capacity requests from your business unit IT application owners and end users, including the flexibility to request additional capacity as business demands increase.