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Download Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Now Available

What Is the Security Intelligence Report?MSIR

The Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is an investigation of the current threat landscape.
It analyzes exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware based on data from over 600 million systems worldwide, as well as internet services, and three Microsoft Security Centers.

Volume 10 (SIR v10) is the most current edition covering 2010 and contains five sections:

  1. Key Findings provides data and analysis produced by Microsoft security teams.
  2. Reference Guide gives additional information for topics covered in the Key Findings.
  3. Featured Intelligence spotlights the latest threat topic.
  4. Global Threat Assessment provides deep dive telemetry by specific country or region.
  5. Managing Risk offers methods for protecting your organization, software, and people.

For E.g. Key Findings – Malware: Operating System Infection Rates

Average quarterly infection rate (CCM) by operating system and service pack in 2010

TO DOWNLOAD COMPLETE REPORT VISIT http://www.microsoft.com/security/sir/default.aspx

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