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Wave of Business Insight webcasts focused on IDA

Below you’ll find a list of upcoming Business Insights webcasts that are focused on Identity & Access solutions and their connection/impact with mainstream MS workloads (Cloud, Windows 7, SharePoint, Exchange, System Center).  They will be delivered by leading US IDA SI’s, and will later be available on-demand at the Business Insights site.


Upgrading MIIS and ILM: Best Practices in Extending Identity Management to the Entire Business

February 3rd @  10:00 PST

You’ve been using MIIS or ILM for years and love it.  You’ve wanted to move to FIM 2010 and take advantage of all the new features plus 64 bit platform. But, you didn’t want to create downtime or a possible outage. Come listen to the experts discuss the best way to upgrade.  Learn from our experience, and increase your chances for a successful project.

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How Are You Handling Your Identity Management Transition to the Cloud?

February 8th @  11:00 PST

The presenter of this webcast explains how moving to cloud starts with a strong identity management system on premise.  Discover how an investment in Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager can result in secure, seamless access to on-premise and cloud services, while maximizing existing investments in identity infrastructure.  Hear how FIM and ADFS together can improve the level of access across applications, devices and information with a comprehensive and integrated solution that includes all aspects of security: identity, credential, provisioning, synchronization, policy and access management.

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The Cloud’s Silver Lining: Identity Management

February 9th @  10:00 PST

Identity Management with FIM, ADFS and UAG is a huge key – and common prerequisite – to realizing the value of the cloud. If you have or are planning to migrate apps to the cloud, don’t forget to first address provisioning and SSO and enable a seamless transition.

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Simplifying User Provisioning and Access to Office 365

February 10th @  10:00 PST

Explore how to improve the success of Office 365 (BPOS) or other cloud services deployments using Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM). See the critical role Identity & Access Management on-premise strategy plays in allowing for a successful cloud deployment. Hear case studies from those who have adopted FIM for provisioning and identity management in the cloud.

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Secure Collaboration: Publishing SharePoint Extranets with Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010

February 14th @  9:00 PST

Explore the simplicity of publishing SharePoint sites and Extranets to the Internet, with full security. See the additional advantages of using UAG for Exchange and the new, secure Windows 7 Direct Access.

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Achievable Savings and ROI from Forefront Identity Manager

February 15th @  9:00 PST

The Microsoft Identity Stack can help clients solve critical business problems and drive significant ROI. Explore the benefits and efficiency facilitated by FIM Client features, and see what their cost savings and ROI could be with effective identity management. Includes individualized ROI studies.

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Integrating User and Group Management in System Center Self-Service Portal

February 15th @  10:00 PST

Learn how to optimize the Microsoft System Center Service Manager interface, and include user and group management functionality for your users. At the same time, tie the compliance capabilities inherent with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager to System Center’s reporting dashboard. The results of this combination are users who can access self-service password reset and other user and group management functionality directly through System Center Self-Service Portal, increased operational efficiency, and improved compliance.

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Simplifying Exchange Server Rollouts with Forefront Identity Manager

February 16th @  9:00 PST

See how Forefront Identity Manager can add functionality and efficiency to Exchange 2010 deployments and migrations. FIM directory synchronization, user provisioning, and self-service group management enable cost savings and ROI advantages for organizations using Exchange 2010.

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Empower Exchange Server 2010 with Forefront Identity Manager 2010

February 16th @  10:00 PST

The Client functionality of FIM – including user provisioning, de-provisioning, group management and password reset – can add efficiency and allow for immediate cost savings within Exchange 2010 deployments.

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Forefront Identity Manager: Making it Easy for Administrators

February 17th @  10:00 PST

How many people on your help desk, security or admin team support basic user management functions?  For example: Group Membership, Password Reset and AD Account Creates. If you could automate this process, based on demographic data in HR (cost center, job function, location, etc) and expose more self-service functions to the end user, through a single, integrated platform, wouldn’t that classify as the “easy button”? Forefront Identity Manager 2010 provides this functionality natively, and can greatly simplify the day to day user management processes.  Join us on Feb 17th to hear more about how customers are hitting the “easy button” with FIM2010.

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Best Practices for User Account Lifecycle Management

February 17th @  11:00 PST

Discover best practices for establishing a user account lifecycle:  creation, maintenance and removal.  The presenter of this webcast shares how an investment in Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) can add powerful functionality that increase the productivity of Exchange 2010 deployments and simplifies the management of Active Directory, especially in complex cases involving multiple disparate directories.   Learn how to provide automated and integrated process for new users through FIM.  Consider using FIM to establish policies to provision accounts, resources, and credentials, associate to users, and ensure workflows are integrated into the process in a seamless manner.

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Does your Identity Management Enhance your Company’s Security?

February 22nd @  11:00 PST

The presenter of this webcast shares how an investment in Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) can result in dramatically simplifying corporate identity management through end user self service capabilities and automated tasks through the IT administrator tools.  Hear how customers can experience reduced time, efforts and costs of managing resources across multiple directory trees and application-specific identity sources with FIM 2010’s enhanced lifecycle management, identity synchronization, basic certificate and smart card manager and user provisioning capabilities.  See how FIM and System Center integrate to provide robust capabilities around managing users and groups through a self-service portal.

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Cloud Readiness with Identity Management

February 23rd @  10:00 PST

So many opportunities exist for enhanced services, better performance and cost savings when considering the cloud (BPOS, Office 365, Azure, etc.).  Exchange, SharePoint, and Communications/Lync are proven solutions in the cloud, as the adoption rates are alarming. But, make sure you’ve thought about your Cloud Readiness strategy…  and in case you haven’t, we’ve got you covered.   AD’s critical today, in your on-premises environment… tomorrow, it’s even more important, so you’ll need a seamless way to manage and update.  BPOS and Office365 are only the beginning, so you’ll need to think about how federation (AD FS 2 – standards-based authentication) will support your users.

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Deploying a Secure and Productive Windows 7

February 24th @  9:00 PST

The combination of Windows 7 and Unified Access Gateway (UAG) can enable key business goals to include BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) initiatives. Show your customers how Windows 7 and DirectAccess can be rolled out to achieve both business and security goals.

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Secure Management and Access for Windows 7 Featuring DirectAccess

February 24th @  10:00 PST

Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) and DirectAccess in Windows 7 can simplify management and access for a variety of external Windows client scenarios. Authentication, end-point security, application security, and infrastructure planning play crucial roles in management and access. See how Forefront UAG directly addresses all concerns with a single point of access and administration. In addition, find out how certificate management and multi-factor authentication can help further secure the pipeline.

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