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Microsoft Office Live Workspace using Internet Explorer 9 Beta

IE 9 Beta released and everyone trying out the same. You can read my Internet Explorer 9 Post covering all the features. So, I was reading around some of the challenges with new browser. One of them is Office Live Workspace not working in Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Whenever users trying to login on www.officelive.com site they get the following error after Live ID login.

Office Live Error

I thought let’s try Compatibility View option but in the above I could not find the small icon next search icon. So, I signed out of Live Service and reopened the site www.officelive.com

This time it landed me on the link http://www.officelive.com/en-us/ and I could see the Compatibility View button.


After clicking it just reloaded the page quickly and you can see the Compatibility View button becomes darker.


After clicking onto Sign in button, it provided regular Live ID Sign in page.


After signing in I could see my Office Live Workspace Beta ready for use in Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta.


If you notice, once the site is loaded Compatibility View button is no longer visible. Compatibility View works really well without any additional steps.


Your Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta account is going to become a part of Windows Live SkyDrive.  With this upgrade you’ll be able to store, share, and edit documents from virtually anywhere—and that’s only the beginning.