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Microsoft TechEd 2010, India – Bangalore. T-9 Days to go !!!

And here we are, just a week away from Microsoft TechEd 2010, India happening at the cyber city Bangalore.image

It’s always been an excitement moment for TechEd in India. Last year we had TechEd India was held at Hyderabad and the response was amazing. During the tough times our teams had organized the event and set the benchmark.

This time we are seeing lot of economical improvements and that gives us the confidence for the success of TechEd. The best attraction of this event will be the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch in India. The Developers have been waiting for this since long.

I am particularly very much excited because I am presenting at TechEd 2010. Over the last few months after last TechEd, I have been seen enjoying the journey of delivering sessions for various Microsoft events, that includes Virtual TechDays, Community TechDays, New Efficiency Launch Events. Lastly in February, TechEd 2010 Sri Lanka.

This time I am presenting in 3 different tracks as a breakout speaker. I will be speaking in Windows 7 Track where I will demonstrate on Windows AppLocker. The second track is Windows Server track, here I will be talking about Group Policy Improvements in Server Platform. Lastly on last day I am talking in Virtualization track where I will be presenting upon how to run your Critical Business Application using Microsoft Virtualization Platform.

Some of the brief agenda about my breakout sessions that I am presenting.

Day 2: 13th April 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Save Money, Time, and Headaches with Group Policies in Windows Server 2008 R2

This session will walkthrough the new features in Group Policy in Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7. You will get a deeper technical understanding of how to use Group Policy Preferences and PowerShell together. The session will include demos that will illustrate how to use new features in Group Policy to do the following: Check and compare settings across domains, Reduce complexity of your Group Policy environment, Managing power, using the new Windows 7 Group Policy enabled features, such as BitLocker, Create a baseline of compliance for new GPO’s etc.

Day 2: 13th April 5 PM – 6 PM

AppLocker – Your Solution for True Application SmackDown

The goal of AppLocker is simple enough: block applications users should and shouldn’t use. Sounds simple enough — until you realize you have zillions of known and unknown applications on your desktops. How can you decide which ones to allow and which ones to squelch? In this AppLocker deep-dive, Learn how to start small with AppLocker and gain confidence that it’s doing what you expect, before you turn down the thumbscrews. Learn how to perform testing and implementation on a single machine, and with a fleet of machines. Plus, learn how AppLocker can be managed using PowerShell to make even quicker work of AppLocker. If you’ve played with Microsoft’s Software Restriction Policies, and are ready to take your functionality to the next level, don’t miss this intensive session.

Day 3: 14th April 11.15 AM – 12.15 PM

Virtualization Scenarios for Business Critical Applications

This session will cover virtualization scenarios for SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange. For each application, we will discuss various scenarios where virtualization is applicable, the pain points and how virtualization solves them. The session will highlight best practices for a successful deployment. Finally, we will also touch upon partner solutions, such as NetApp, EMC etc., that enhance the benefits of virtualization for these applications.

It’s T-9 Days to go and I am looking forward to meet you at Microsoft TechEd 2010 India