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TechNet Plus Subscription: Save up to 28%* on your new subscription













A TechNet Plus Subscription is the essential resource for IT Professionals. Get comprehensive access to premium Microsoft resources to help teams to overcome the toughest IT challenges. Professional support assistance and access to resources and tools ensure IT Professionals can evaluate Microsoft technologies easily and plan deployments confidently.
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Here are just some of the key benefits you’ll receive when you subscribe to a TechNet Plus Direct subscription:

Evaluate full-version software** with no time or feature limits

  • Get your hands on early access to service packs, betas and new software releases** such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Office 2010 and more.

Professional support help with your toughest technical issues

  • Capitalize on managed forums to get technical answers by the next business day
  • 24 hour online concierge will help you find the resources you need

Access subscriber tools and resources

  • Get ahead with select complimentary Microsoft E-Learning courses and product demos through TechNet library

Start benefiting from a TechNet Plus Direct subscription, the ultimate resource for IT Professionals by acting now and saving up to 28%* on your new subscription.
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