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Windows 7 Feature: Disc Image Burner (ISO Image Burning)

It’s well known that Windows 7 is outstanding, there is no doubt about it. Everyone who’s trying must be having same feedback.Windows7_v_rgb_png

Interesting feature that we use on day to day basis. Built-in Disc Imaging Support. Now, what it means I can burn my ISO image directly onto the CD or DVD without installing any 3rd party disc burning software.

To start with just right click on the any ISO file that you have.


You will see option Burn disc image. Click on that option.

This will launch easy to understand Windows Disc Image Burner.


Insert the blank DVD to burn the image and click Burn button. If you want, you can select Verify option as well for disc verification after burning is completed.

That’s it your DVD is ready to use. Enjoy.