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TalkingAboutWindows.com – New Windows Community Portal for IT Professionals

Always wonder about the decisionsimage made for Windows Operating Systems ? What’s behind those decisions ?

Well, here is Talking About Windows, a new community based site. This site will answer the demanding questions asked by IT Professionals. We have fantastic audience from Microsoft that will guide you and cover the most of the Windows 7 Development phase.


We have IT Professionals and Engineering team behind Windows 7 Development will answer most of your queries. Get guidance on Windows 7 and check out the Springboard Series on TechNet for structured guidance and topical commentary. Subscribe to the feeds on the site and you can get into the discussions.


Specifically, www.TalkingAboutWindows.com offers IT professionals genuine insight on Windows 7 from the Microsoft engineers who helped build the product such as Jon DeVaan, Gabe Al, Sharif Farag, and Mark Russinovich.  Additionally, you will hear real world commentary from IT Pro Managers from corporations like Pella, Continental Airlines and others.   Be sure to come back to the site as we will be adding more engineering and customer videos in lead up to general availability of Windows 7!