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Microsoft Tag Team Releases Ability To Create Custom Tags

The Microsoft Tag team is pleased to announce the ability to create custom Tags! You know what a standard Tag looks like, but custom Tags will knock your socks off.


To provide better branding and creative opportunities, you can customize Microsoft Tags by using dots instead of triangles and replacing the background with any image. You can also create a more advanced design by modifying the symbols and incorporating them into the design concept. Customized Tags can be rendered in color or black-and-white.

As part of the custom Tag release, we’re also announcing the Tag Slaps Design Contest.  The Tag Slaps Design Contest challenges advertisers, marketers, and designers—or anyone with a passion for design—to create an original custom design Tag and a mobile experience creative concept for it.

What is a Tag Slaps you ask?  In the graffiti world, a “slaps” is defined as a sticker with a writer or tagger’s tag on it.  A slaps can be spread more quickly than other forms of graffiti, making it a favorite in many places such as newspaper dispensers, stop signs, phone booths, and more.

A slaps is not unlike a Microsoft Tag.  With Microsoft Tag, you can now customize the look of a Tag so that it embodies your brand, a message or theme, or a really cool visual!  It’s your personal slaps. What’s more is that a Tag can be included on just about anywhere including an advertisement, product packaging, signage, an email or web site, and so much more.

What kind of Tag will you slap?

The contest is NOT open to Microsoft employees, but not to worry, you can still create your own custom Tag.  Share the contest details with your advertising and design agency partners and anyone interested in a new design challenge. Contest submissions will be accepted beginning May 4 through June 12; for contest details, please go to http://www.microsoft.com/tag/content/overview/TagSlaps.aspx.

For more information about creating a custom Microsoft Tag, please go to http://www.microsoft.com/tag/content/overview/CustomTags.aspx.

Thanks everyone and have fun creating a custom Tag!

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