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Tech.Ed India 2009: Always game, never give up…Part I

Well in my previous post you must have read that Tech.Ed is back this year with full bang.TechEd India

What is TechEd ?

Microsoft Tech·Ed is the premier technical education and networking event for any technology professional interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be release Microsoft® technologies, tools, platforms and services.

To better serve the distinct needs of the developer and IT professional communities, Microsoft constantly looks for the best, most efficient channels to educate both developers and IT professionals on the latest technology developments.

Yes, the premiere event for all the technology professional. The platform where professionals can expect to get the latest and greatest offerings from Microsoft. The TechEd over the time is very much popular amongst the peers. Many professionals want to attend the event for grasping knowledge and connecting with peers, and guess what we have knowledge from the leading experts and entertainment nights.

Let’s go back a couple of years back…remember TechMelatechmela 2007

TechMela as it’s called in its new incarnation, which is an amalgamation of TechEd, Mix, MEDC and ITPC all happened at the same time, same place. TechMela happened in 2007 and it was huge success. The name TechMela was given to have classis Indian feel or call it a theme for the event. This mega event was attended by more that 2500+ attendees including CXOs, Professionals, Enthusiasts. The event seen top CXO and senior decision makers attending the event and leveraging it for the betterment of the industry. For many individuals and enthusiasts it was nothing but the dream come true.

The TechMela 2007 experience was breathtaking; The first day started out with an address by a high-placed panel comprising Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of Microsoft India; Steve Guggenheimer, General Manager of Microsoft’s Application Platform and Development; Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission; and Tarun Gulati, General Manager of Microsoft India’s Developer and Platform Evangelism.

Back to TechEd India 2009

There are different aspects of having TechEd. The TechEd happening this time at Hyderabad, May 13th-15th, 2009. This time TechEd is not happening across multiple cities as it used to happen. The preparation starts for the event way before anyone think of TechEd. The planning team at Microsoft working hard to achieve the state-of-the-art setup for making the event and overall experience memorable for the attendees. Everyone is aware about the current economic situation across the globe, where situation is not yet under control, we at Microsoft had decided to continue with the legacy and have the TechEd.

We @ TechEd India 2009 are always game for it to deliver the greatest and the best.

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Regards, TechEd India 2009