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Microsoft Hardware Support for Windows 7 Beta

On the other day, I was trying to connect LifeCam Camera on my T61p machine as I was getting ready for Live Meeting session. Upon plugging the USB Device, Windows 7 tried to install the drivers but unable to do so. I tried checking the driver but could not find any so I thought let’s try installing Windows Vista drives, which are digitally signed. Well, the drivers installed properly and my cam was ready to be used.

After than I joined the Live Meeting, but the moment I enabled the video I got blue screen. I rebooted my system and tried to connect same Live Meeting session again but similarly after enabling the LifeCam Camera I got another blue screen. This time I was confident that it was the drivers, which were not compatible.article_Windows7_headerBeta

Just after the reboot I visited Microsoft site for searching any better set of drivers. Upon searching I found this link: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/windows7/support.mspx

This link contains all the beta drivers for the Windows 7 beta. After downloading the drivers for the LifeCam, I uninstalled the old drivers and installed these newly downloaded drivers. Voila, after connecting Live Meeting Session and enabling video, it was working like a charm.

There are some known issues about these beta drivers, which will be fixed over the time of development but so far for the beta release of the OS, we have some compatible drivers available. The drivers available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.

















Brief screenshot from the website