How to Extend an Expired Evaluation License in AVIcode

InfoButtonHi Everyone, Nicholas Dodge here.  Today I want to take a minute to talk about a recent issue I encountered that involved extending an expired AVIcode evaluation license.  In this scenario, my customer was using an Evaluation License version of AVIcode and the evaluation period as well as the evaluation license that was in use had both expired. The customer was also using a previous version of AVIcode (e.g. version 5.6 SP1) and wanted to continue their evaluation period rather than upgrade to version 5.7. In this scenario, we simply needed to extend the evaluation period of the expired license.

In order to successfully resolve this issue, we are required to import a new evaluation license. License keys from version 5.7 are backwards compatible with licenses for version 5.6 and this can be confirmed by examining the contents of an AVIcode SMSE\SMSD license file as follows:

<company>AVIcode Inc.</company>
<customer>SMSE/SMSD licensed customer</customer>
<product>AVIcode Intercept Studio</product>
<copyright>(C) 2008 AVIcode Inc.</copyright>

In the above example, we can clearly identify the version checking for 5.0 as a minimum, so as a result this particular version 5.7 license file could be successfully imported into the 5.6 environment. If you don’t have this license file you can contact Microsoft Customer Support directly to obtain a new license file for import.

Alternatively, you can download the trial/evaluation version of AVIcode from the official Microsoft AVIcode site. This package includes evaluation licenses for both Intercept Studio as well as Advisor with an expiration date up to December, 2011. This can be found at the following location:

With the new license file available, simply open SEViewer and navigate to Tool –> Licenses. At that point, choose Remove Evaluation License in the License Management Wizard. After removing the expired evaluation license, import the recently downloaded License using the Tool –> Licenses - License Management Wizard once again.   Now you will have an extended evaluation license period using the recently acquired evaluation license.

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