No events are logged to AVIcode Intercept Studio SE-Viewer when monitoring a .NET 4.0 application

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An AVIcode Intercept Studio Agent is installed and configured to monitor an Application or Web Application that was created using .NET 4.0 but no events are being displayed in SE-Viewer.

When examining the Intercept EventLog the Intercept Service can be seen starting successfully however there is no indication of PMonitor starting successfully.


AVIcode Intercept Studio versions 5.6 and earlier do not support .NET 4.0.


To resolve this issue upgrade to AVIcode Intercept Studio version 5.7 or later.

More Information

Although AVIcode Intercept Studio 5.6 does not fully support .NET 4.0, beta support for .NET 4.0 can be enabled by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the AVIcode Intercept Studio Agent installation folder (default = C:\Program Files\Avicode\Intercept\Agent\v5.6.XXX).
  2. Navigate to the sub-folder Configuration\Standard.
  3. Open the file PMonitor.config using Notepad.
  4. Search for the text supportedFramework and change the max attribute to the value 4.1 (example: <ss:supportedFramework max="4.1"/>).
  5. Save the modified PMonitor.config file.
  6. Open a Command Prompt then execute IISRESET.

NOTE: This is not a supported configuration and should be used only as a temporary bridge to upgrading to AVIcode Intercept Studio 5.7.


For the latest version of this article see the link below:

KB2494250 - No events are logged to AVIcode Intercept Studio SE-Viewer when monitoring a .NET 4.0 application

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