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If you really want to learn about AVIcode and its Application Monitoring capabilities, one of my favorite SMEs on the ‘net is Simon SkinnerSystemCenterCentral    Twitter

Simon is a long-time System Center Operations Manager MVP, who has been working with the AVIcode technologies since well before Microsoft acquired them in 2010.  Simon recently published a series of blog posts around the newly released AVIcode 5.7 product. 

Ya gotta check ‘em out:

System Center Central : AVIcode 5.7 – Part 1 : AVIcode 5.7 goes live

System Center Central : AVIcode 5.7 – Part 2 : Licensing

System Center Central : AVIcode 5.7 – Part 3 : Terminology

System Center Central : AVIcode 5.7 – Part 4 : Install the SEviewer

System Center Central : AVIcode 5.7 – Part 5 : Navigation of the SEviewer

System Center Central : AVIcode 5.7 – Part 6 : Securing the SEviewer

Of course, Simon just keeps writing more good stuff – so instead of amending all of his links here … click to see a complete list of Simon’s posts.

Simon and another of my favorite MVPs (Pete ZergerSystemCenterCentral   Twitter) will be giving a webcast in January to let the world know why they are excited about AVIcode and its acquisition by Microsoft, as part of the larger System Center management story.

 Click here to register for the AVIcode webcast on January 12

There is a lot of excitement from System Center veterans on AVIcode – so check ‘em out !

As always, thanks for reading !

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