Export / Import Variables to Azure Automation

For unencrypted variables in an Azure Automation account – the script linked here will export or import them. Usage is Manage-Variables.ps1 [-AutomationAccountName] <string> [-ResourceGroupName] <string> [-Path] <string> [-Mode] <string


PowerShell Core and Jenkins

I have been working with a customer who wants to get some usage data from Azure around virtual networks and available IP addresses. Specifically how many IP addresses are available in a subnet within an Azure virtual network. This is a simple enough script and I can use the Get-AzureRMVirtualNetworkUsageList cmdlet to get the exact…


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 3

Following on from the previous post – this time I create a separation between development and production. I’ve created a build script to be used in the dev environment – it scans each of the script files and if the first line matches “Configuration” then it appends a DEV suffix to the configuration name and…


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 2

This is a continuation from the post here where I created a build and release pipeline for my DSC configurations. This post looks at attaching some process around when a build and release should be completed. I’ve used my dev branch in Git for a development build and the master branch for a production release….


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 1

Update: Part 2 is located here and Part 3 is here I’ve been recently involved in creating some DSC configurations and using Azure Automation DSC to host them. However what I wanted was a way to continuously deploy the configurations and have them updated on the servers as they are altered in source control. There…


Change in focus…

I forgot I haven’t touched this in a while – but will not be posting anything about Service Manager any more. I’m now changing focus to all Automation related technologies – specifically Azure Automation and PowerShell Desired State Configuration.


Determine Required Field for Service Manager Object

I have been trying to automate the creation of business service objects using a CSV file however ran into an error. This post details what the error was and how I solved it using Orchestrator. I have a CSV file which I can import my service definitions in from – however when testing the creation…


Creating the Management Service Recovery Keys Using DSC

In the last post I used Configuration Manager to remediate missing registry keys. Using PowerShell DSC I can do the same thing quite quickly. In my lab I have disabled the configuration baseline I created earlier and removed all the registry keys. I have created a new configuration item in PowerShell – it contains the…


Dealing with XML Inputs From Service Manager

In the previous post I showed how we can use the user input field from a service request which contains all the responses that a user enters into the request offering in the self service portal. But now that this information is available how do we consume it in Orchestrator. There are 2 ways –…