Export / Import Variables to Azure Automation

For unencrypted variables in an Azure Automation account – the script linked here will export or import them. Usage is Manage-Variables.ps1 [-AutomationAccountName] <string> [-ResourceGroupName] <string> [-Path] <string> [-Mode] <string


Azure Service Principal in Jenkins

A quick update to a previous post – below is how to add an Azure Service Principal to a Jenkins job – then use it to authenticate to Azure using PowerShell Core. Ensure that the Azure AD Plugin is installed in the Jenkins instance – it requires a restart of the service. Add a new…


PowerShell Core and Jenkins

I have been working with a customer who wants to get some usage data from Azure around virtual networks and available IP addresses. Specifically how many IP addresses are available in a subnet within an Azure virtual network. This is a simple enough script and I can use the Get-AzureRMVirtualNetworkUsageList cmdlet to get the exact…


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 3

Following on from the previous post – this time I create a separation between development and production. I’ve created a build script to be used in the dev environment – it scans each of the script files and if the first line matches “Configuration” then it appends a DEV suffix to the configuration name and…


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 2

This is a continuation from the post here where I created a build and release pipeline for my DSC configurations. This post looks at attaching some process around when a build and release should be completed. I’ve used my dev branch in Git for a development build and the master branch for a production release….


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 1

Update: Part 2 is located here and Part 3 is here I’ve been recently involved in creating some DSC configurations and using Azure Automation DSC to host them. However what I wanted was a way to continuously deploy the configurations and have them updated on the servers as they are altered in source control. There…


Domain Join using Azure Automation DSC

Now we have the ability to store DSC configurations in the cloud as part of an Azure Automation account. There are a few caveats to doing though – in this blog I will take you through joining a computer to a domain using Azure Automation DSC. First things first I suggest you read https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/automation-dsc-overview/ and…


Install Azure Automation Hybrid Worker Role

Goodbye Orchestrator! Welcome to Azure Automation (AA) and it’s awesome new authoring and runtime components. The Hybrid Worker role now allows you to store your Runbooks in the cloud but execute them in your on-premise environment. Coupled with the new graphical authoring this is the future of automation. So how do I set it up?…