Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 4

Picking this series up after a break. Last time I mentioned I wanted to be able to add multiple configurations and ensure they compiled as well. What I did to my source directory was simply clone the sample configuration I’ve made. As Azure Automation DSC treats them as different configurations I just kept all the…


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 3

Following on from the previous post – this time I create a separation between development and production. I’ve created a build script to be used in the dev environment – it scans each of the script files and if the first line matches “Configuration” then it appends a DEV suffix to the configuration name and…


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 2

This is a continuation from the post here where I created a build and release pipeline for my DSC configurations. This post looks at attaching some process around when a build and release should be completed. I’ve used my dev branch in Git for a development build and the master branch for a production release….


Continuous Deployment to Azure Automation DSC Part 1

Update: Part 2 is located here and Part 3 is here I’ve been recently involved in creating some DSC configurations and using Azure Automation DSC to host them. However what I wanted was a way to continuously deploy the configurations and have them updated on the servers as they are altered in source control. There…


Change in focus…

I forgot I haven’t touched this in a while – but will not be posting anything about Service Manager any more. I’m now changing focus to all Automation related technologies – specifically Azure Automation and PowerShell Desired State Configuration.