Using DSC to Setup the New SCSM Portal Server

Hooray the new portal is out – you can get it from  The portal server requires some configuration of roles before the setup can be run. Below is a DSC configuration block which you can run to configure the web server pre-requisites. Configuration PortalWebServer    {     Node localhost        {         WindowsFeature WebServer            {            Ensure="Present"           …


Domain Join using Azure Automation DSC

Now we have the ability to store DSC configurations in the cloud as part of an Azure Automation account. There are a few caveats to doing though – in this blog I will take you through joining a computer to a domain using Azure Automation DSC. First things first I suggest you read and…


Creating a View for the Primary Owner

I had a request recently to build a view which showed all Incidents where the primary owner was the console user. Sounded simple enough but took awhile because of the criteria. As I use the Advanced View Editor so I can make columns look nicer I included what I did to customise the view below….


Install Azure Automation Hybrid Worker Role

Goodbye Orchestrator! Welcome to Azure Automation (AA) and it’s awesome new authoring and runtime components. The Hybrid Worker role now allows you to store your Runbooks in the cloud but execute them in your on-premise environment. Coupled with the new graphical authoring this is the future of automation. So how do I set it up?…


Support Group Incident Timer – Part 1 – Creating the Object

I’ve had a question around timing how long an incident remains in a queue for. Although Service Manager tracks when an object is in a queue and we can report on this in the cubes – there is no recording of how long the item was in that queue for. Also the concept of a…


Determine Required Field for Service Manager Object

I have been trying to automate the creation of business service objects using a CSV file however ran into an error. This post details what the error was and how I solved it using Orchestrator. I have a CSV file which I can import my service definitions in from – however when testing the creation…


Creating the Management Service Recovery Keys Using DSC

In the last post I used Configuration Manager to remediate missing registry keys. Using PowerShell DSC I can do the same thing quite quickly. In my lab I have disabled the configuration baseline I created earlier and removed all the registry keys. I have created a new configuration item in PowerShell – it contains the…


Creating the Management Service Recovery Keys Using Compliance Settings

It is a well documented issue that the management service can stop responding when SQL drops out – you can read about it here The fix for this issue is also well documented – create a couple of registry keys on each management server. For places where Configuration Manager is installed it is relatively…