Windows Server 2012 Jump Start Training

Am 20.06.2012 und am 21.06.2012 findet ein weiteres kostenloses Jump Start Training statt. Titel dieses Mal: “Windows Server 2012: Preparing for the Datacenter Evolution.” Windows Server 2012 stellt ja die geeignete Plattform für ein modernes Datencenter und die (private) Cloud dar. In diesem Training stellen wir Ihnen die Features vor, die Ihnen helfen, Ihre IT für die Cloud zu optimieren.

Zielgruppe des Trainings sind IT Pro und IT Entscheider.

Wann: 20.06.2012 und 21.06.2012 jeweils von 18:00-01:00 Uhr (GMT +1). Das Training findet online und auf Englisch statt.




Beyond Virtualization
• Learn about the game changers in the next release of the Hyper-V role on Windows Server 2012
- Scale, CPU, RAM, Cores, etc.
- Networking Switch (recorded demo hopefully)
- NUMA and performance
- Hyper-V over SMB and Hyper-V over RDMA
- Replication
- Shared Nothing Live Migration
- Live Storage Migration
- Moving VM from test to a production cluster without downtime
• Massive scale increases, networking improvements, replication and disaster recovery is all in the box
- IP Address Virtualization
- IP Address Virtualization with SCVMM 2012 SP1

• Learn about how you can manage a few systems up to a hundred systems – all from one console
- Server Manager
- DAC… and related topics
- Installing roles in offline VHDs
• Server Core installs scaring you off? Learn about all your installation and management options
- Moving from Core-MiniShell-Full UI and back again
• Windows PowerShell automation and management at scale – all with built in tools
- PowerShell ISE and command simplification
- PowerShell new features and new PowerShell replacements for common commands
- Automating OS level tasks, IP addresses, etc.
• Clustering—Cluster-aware updating
• Networking
- Network Teaming and network configuration
- SMB MultiChannel and RDMA

• Learn how Continuous Availability of File Services improves workload reliability and performance
- Setup HA File Server; SMB Failover
- Running SQL over SMB; Running Hyper-V over SMB
• Storage groups, disk provisioning, iSCSI and SAN integration
- Storage Spaces
- Built-in ISCSI; Boot from ISCSI
- DeDup
- Windows Online Backup

Remote Users
• Remote connectivity options for your workforce
- DA; Offline Domain Join and DA
- DA simplified Setup; Possible DA Multi-Site
• VDI and Remote Desktop Services deployment and changes
- User level disks
- Pooled / Private VDI Setup
- VDI Quick Setup
- Multi-Touch RDP

Viele Erfolg bei den Neuerungen zu Windows Server 2012!

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