Webcast – Wie integrieren Sie Ihren SharePoint mit Windows Azure?

Achtung: Late Night Webcast am 18.2.! Microsoft Corporation aus Redmond hält am 18.2.  2:00 pm Pacific Time –> also 23:00 Uhr bei uns in Wien einen sehr interessanten Webcast zum Thema Integrating SharePoint and Windows Azure: Why They’re Better Together!

Warum zahlt es sich aus diesen Webcast anzusehen? Viele von Ihnen haben bereits SharePoint Server im Einsatz und Sie fragen Sie vielleicht ob und wie Sie Ihren bestehenden SharePoint mit der Cloud (Windows Azure) verbinden können.

Hier ist die Session Overview für den Webcast (auf Englisch):

SharePoint is one of Microsoft's fastest-growing platform technologies and Windows Azure is shifting the way in which we build for the cloud. But how do these two technologies play together? And what are the types of solutions you can build and sell by taking the better together approach? In this rare opportunity, join Microsoft experts as they explore why these two technologies complement one another, what they offer versus our competition and how you can get started building, deploying and selling your own solutions that not only exploit the many features of SharePoint, but also help you understand how you can monetize the cloud. As an introductory technical brief, this Academy Live session will feature discussion and customer technical demos and is appropriate for many audiences including, for example, developers and IT staff, technical and business decision makers, and managers.

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